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What is scammers most value thing nowadays?

Scammers are always lurking to take advantage of any opportunity. And now with covid on people’s mind, these crooks are more than ready to make a quick buck.  They wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take away your medical identity — to sell it so others can get free medical care in your name or to falsely bill your insurance company or Medicare.

How does it work?

  • Scammers “dumpster drive”  into your trash looking for health insurance or medical information.
  • Scammers establish fake coronavirus testing sites to attract passersby to provide medical information.
  • Scammers ask for you to complete a “survey” to get free medical services or products.

What should you know?

  • Medical identity theft could  lead to delay in treatment.
  • Medical identity theft could result in treatment delays, incorrect prescriptions and even misdiagnoses for you.
  • Medical identity theft can lead to huge legal and financial complications.
  • Medical identity theft can badly damage you credit.
  • Medical identity theft can haunt you for years since medical debt collectors will stop at nothing to get the “monies you allegedly own them”.

What should you do?

  • Shred all paperwork related to your medical care before discarding it.
  • Share your medical or health insurance information only with providers you know and trust — not with a stranger offering “free” medical care or equipment or services.
  • Review your medical insurance statements and bills and report unauthorized charges immediately.

When it comes to fraud, awareness and monitoring are our number one weapons.

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