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I have extensive expertise providing comprehensive management, administrative and operations support to small business owners, corporations, and individuals. Global Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, large labor unions, and non-profit organizations have all benefited from my superb organizational and time management skills.

I am an effective communicator who is bilingual in English and Spanish. I also possess interpersonal abilities that allow me to cultivate working partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, including C-level. My talents in operations management, strategic planning, budgeting, event planning, and contract management have contributed to success for numerous organizations. On the administrative front, I am skilled in creating schedules, generating reports, maintaining filing systems and databases, and training staff. These efforts have led to seamless operations in all my endeavors. I am detail-oriented, an attribute that has allowed me to effectively coordinate events and manage multiple projects throughout my career.

My various services will help you save time on any project you want to accomplish and get you to where you are going with less work and effort on your  part

 I can also help you create financial freedom from the daily grind of the office time clock through supplemental income opportunities.

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